Flatirons Event Specialists’ experienced staff is ready to tailor a fit for your specific event! Whether all you need is finish times, or splits throughout, we will be planning and preparing weeks in advance, so you don’t have to.

  • Triathlons
  • Duathlons
  • Aquathons
  • Running Events
  • Trail Events
  • Adventure Races
  • Cycling Events
  • Mountain Biking Events


Flatirons uses the RFID Winning Time system to ensure you get accurate, prompt results. With passive chip technology, athletes just strap the chip to their ankle and go! (No activation necessary.) These neoprene straps are so comfortable, athletes tend to forget they’re wearing them, and because the chips are reusable, you reduce waste and appeal to those motivated by eco-friendly efforts. Winning Time is recognized as a WasteWise Partner by the Environmental Protection Agency.


Chip check will catch all the miss-clicks. Accurate dates of birth and genders are vital to accurate results. A quick face-to-face verification of roster information at packet pick-up is affordable and will prevent potential race day headaches.


Awards and Results leave a lasting impression on your athletes, so precision is a must!

  • Specify any number of categories for race day awards; overall and age groups only, or weight groups and relays too… we’ll be ready when you are!
  • Online results will be posted within hours after the end of your event. Because they are sortable by anything; gender, division, split times, or even pace, you’ve provided all the detail your most competitive athletes look for. Your event logo is included FREE, but sponsor or ad space is also available!
  • Sanctioning specific files will be provided at no additional cost!


Increase excitement at your finish line! Our announcer feed function will identify athletes as they enter the finish chute and display information on a laptop for your announcer to congratulate each one individually. Keep it simple with names and divisions, or add any information you’ve collected on your roster; something unique about each athlete, the amount they raised for charity, or anything else you come up with. This flexibility is a great way to distinguish your event from all the rest!


With a 36″ screen and a 5 minute delay, your athletes will have the chance to catch their breath and hydrate before heading over to watch their recorded finish. Spectators love it too!


Athlete opinions can shed light on what they appreciate about your event, or what you may want to change for next year. Just give us a list of the questions you want asked and consider it done! Surveys will be emailed to each athlete and results will be provided after a period of time of your choosing. Your logo is once again included for FREE, and sponsor / ad space is available!